Workforce for ArcGIS (Web) just updated!

02-04-2018 09:59 PM
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We are adding new features to the Workforce for ArcGIS website and wanted to let you know that we will be releasing an update in the next couple of weeks updated today (Feb 20th, 2018).!

If you are using ArcGIS Online, this will be a seamless update to the website and your existing projects will continue to work as expected.  If you are using ArcGIS Enterprise, this will be the official release supporting ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 and when you sign in to the MyEsri website, you will find a new setup for Windows and Linux called "Workforce for ArcGIS 18.0.1" under Apps in the Downloads section. Later this week we will update MyEsri with the ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 setup.

New in this update...

1. Instead of adding mobile workers one-by-one, you can Add Workers from a File. A template CSV file is provided for you to populate with new workers and you can pre-populate it with existing workers if you like. 


2. Explorer for ArcGIS is available within the App Integration screen on the Advanced tab so your field workers can open Explorer at the location of a work assignment and redline on top of it. You can add Explorer integration either at the Project level or at the assignment type level.

3. In our last update, we added the ability for you to pass the ID and Location Description fields from the Assignment to the feature you create in Collector or Survey123. With this update, you can now pass the GlobalID field as well. Passing the GlobalID to a string or GUID field, you can establish a relationship between the feature collected/inspected and the assignment itself. 

4. If you have enabled the use of Esri Vector basemaps in the Map settings of your Organization, we will use the Navigation basemap when creating a new project.

In addition to these 4 updates, there are a number of stability enhancements. These updates will be coming soon are now live!

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