(Implemented) A simple but essential Improvement for Button user inputs

07-21-2021 05:56 PM
Status: Implemented
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Dear Esri Team, 

My suggestion is simple :  Would it be possible to enter a "button user input" at the START of a polyline feature record instead of having the user input popping up after ending a feature record?

A simple toggle button to decide whether the button user input for a given feature record should pop up at the start Or at the end of the record would be a wonderful improvement for our workflow.

I could be wrong but such a functionality might be quite straightforward to code for a developper (using if/then around the lines coding for the button user input pop up?)

We are using exclusive groups with a number of buttons and in most cases, polyline features are ended by starting another one using a different button. (A brilliant functionality!). 

We use (an) Observer(s) to detect and announce observed environmental features to a Recorder who focuses on data input via the QuickCapture App.

All information associated with a feature is given by the observer at the start of the record, not at the end. 

Our problem is as follow : The user input for feature A is annouced by the observer at the start of the observation. Then, the Recorder has to wait for the observer to announce all information for Feature B to get access to the User input for feature A. 

In practice, this means that the Recorder has to click on Button B to enter the user input for Button A, while having to memorize the user input for B and so on.  At a fast pace, this can become very comfusing and impractical.

We love Quickcapture and think it has the potential to revolutionize conventinal practises for rapid environmental assessment in our field and we would be immensely grateful if this feature could be considered for future updates. 

Thanks @IsmaelChivite and Esri teams for your amazing work, support, and capacity to follow up on those ideas. 

Looking forward to reading you.

@gandalfthegray @PaulGerbeaud 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@Arnaud_Brival Thanks for raising this idea! We will add it to the release backlog and review it for future releases.  


Hi @Mandy_Li any news or uptade about this idea?  is there a possibility to see it implemented before September to use it during our next field monitoring campaign?

Thanks a lot and best regards during summer

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Hi @Arnaud_Brival Thanks for following up on this! This enhancement won't be included in this coming September release, unfortunately. It's currently in the product plan for future releases, i.e. 1.12, or later.


@Mandy_Li Thanks a lot for this Mandy, this is great news! 

Would you be able to give me a rough estimate of the date of the release of this feature?  Months? years? 
Thanks in advance for your reply, it will help us plan accordingly. 



This will be added to the 1.15 September 2022 release.



@Arnaud_Brival  @Gandalf_the_Grey @HeatherM_JDI  @BethLawson @samuxip @PaulGerbeaud 

If you want to test an initial implementation of this, please join us virtually in July 5, 2022. Details here: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-quickcapture-blog/learn-what-s-coming-in-arcgis-quickcapture-au...


@IsmaelChivite @Mandy_Li @JohnathanHasthorpe 

You guys a re remarkable! 
Thanks a lot for this. I will get in touch after implementation to let you know how it went.

Best and thanks again!