Upgrade from JS 4.27 to 4.29 causes stack overflow

03-02-2024 07:39 AM
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We are in the late stages of the development of a Vue Single Page Application using ArcGIS  Maps SDK for JavaScript. When we upgrade the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript from version 4.27 to version 4.29 the application seizes to work throwing several stack overflow errors as it can be shown in the attached screenshot. At the time being we have not yet managed to find the cause of the problem, but the important thing to mention here is that our code base works fine using 4.27, but fails violently when using 4.29. Does anyone have encountered a similar problem?



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Can you create a repo app to review. Vue version? Build tooling? Config set up? Can't tell without more details what might be the issue. Does same thing happen if you use the services or webmap in a vanilla app?

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