Robert Scheitlin !!

08-03-2019 04:47 AM
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Hi When I use search widget it return this error in browser console:

 [esri.views.3d.state.ViewStateManager] #goTo() Failed to create camera from target, no layerview has been found for the layer

please help...

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Calling out a specific GeoNet members name as the question subject isn't helpful.  In the future, please post a relevant subject line and place it in the appropriate space.  Robert is quite active and will likely see your question without having to see his name as the question.

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Also, if you are getting an error, please post your code. It's doubtful that anyone will be able to help you with such scant information.

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  I have seen your previous question on this and Kelly works for Esri. I can not provide anymore insight on this issue. You best bet is a call to tech support.

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As Robert mentioned, Kelly provided a workaround for this: Let us know if you encounter issues using that.
And I'd like to reinforce what Ken and Joshua said: posting a user's name as the question subject is not helpful at all, but code snippets are, so that we can reproduce the issue and help with it.