Problem with Mouse-over events

07-31-2020 08:27 AM
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I am having a weird issue with the mouse pointer not being able to find the map graphic. I thought at first it was my event code, but I know that is not the case. I noticed that when using Google dev tools to inspect the graphic, the mouse pointer couldn't find a lot of them. Interestingly, some graphics seem to be 'hoverable' and some don't. Here some pics to illustrate:

Sorry, print screen won't show the point, but I am hovering the pointer directly over the graphic. My code works as expected here, and I get a popup dialog.

In this image, I am hovering the mouse directly over the graphic

In this screen capture, the pointer is hovering directly over the graphic west of Okaloosa but I am unable to isolate the graphic. This is the case for most of the graphics in the layer.

Some more background, this is a WAB developer app that was created and exported to our local server. I created another test application using the exact same feature layer, and identical configuration and I don't have this issue!

I am using the local layer widget, and connecting the the layer through ArcGIS REST, then adding a custom renderer to the local layer config. The configs for both apps are identical, so I don't think the renderer can be the issue. Also, I tried just rendering the graphics as is from the REST service and am getting the same results, so I am fairly certain the renderer is not the issue.

Here is the javascript I am using for the event:


let woLayer ="Nuisance Wildlife Operator Info");
        console.log("nwo layer ", woLayer);"load", function() {
          console.log("map loaded");

        let dialog = new Dialog ({
          id: "operator popup",
          style: "position: absolute; width: 250px; font: normal normal normal 10pt Helvetica;z-index:100"

        var highlightSymbol = new SimpleFillSymbol(
          new SimpleLineSymbol(
            new Color([255,0,0]), 3
          new Color([125,125,125,0.35])
        console.log("highlight symbol ", highlightSymbol);

        let map =;
        this.own(on(woLayer, "mouse-over", function(evt) {
          console.log("mouseover event", evt.graphic);
          var highlightGraphic = new Graphic(evt.graphic.geometry,highlightSymbol);
          console.log("highlight graphic ", highlightGraphic);
          console.log("map graphics ",;
          dialog.setContent("this is a test");
            popup: dialog,
            x: evt.pageX,
            y: evt.pageY
          setTimeout(function() {
          }, 1000);
        woLayer.on("mouse-out", function(evt) {
          console.log("mouse out event", evt);

Like I said, the code appears to be working so I don't know if this is a browser issue (I am using Chrome), but the same issue appears in Firefox as well. I am using the same script in another app and it is working just fine. If anyone has had a similar issue and found a fix, please let me know. I think it is probably something to do with the graphics, but I don't know what to look for. 


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