Issue/Bug with SubLayers rendering/opacity

09-04-2020 01:09 AM
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We noticed a behaviour/bug in MapImageLayer Sublayer rendering.

We have some polygons with relatively complex symbology:

When we set an opacity to that layer, and at the same have a popupTemplate setup, then when we click on the map, it "downgrades" the symbology to a simple fill (and it stays downgraded until you reload the app).

Simple code taken out of the API sandbox:

If I don't set any opacity, then it works fine. If I don't set any popup it works fine too, although It seems to me the issue is linked to the opacity (?).

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Esri Regular Contributor

Interesting. I'm not sure what's occurring here, but I need a better test case to diagnose. Is that service that you're using public? I need to find a hosted MapServer that has complex polygon symbology (because if I define a complex renderer on a polygon, it may not be the same test).

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The service is unfortunately not public. We'll try to find an example online and I'll make a codepen.