Is it possible to remove the mid-point vertex in SketchViewModel functionality?

05-21-2020 07:16 PM
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I'm currently working with POLYLINE, and I want to make a straight line and when I edit that line it shouldn't show 3 vertices. Having mid-point vertex, the user may move that vertex and the line will become polyline. Please help me with this one I am a beginner in ARCGIS javascript. Thank you

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Hi there, 

It cannot be done. However, you can disable the reshape operation while only leaving the transform operation enabled as shown below: 

const sketch = new Sketch({
  layer: layer,
  view: view,
  creationMode: "update",
  defaultUpdateOptions: {
    toggleToolOnClick: false, 
    tool: "transform"

Here is a test app shows how it is done: 

Hope this helps,


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Thank you!

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