How to query correct sublayer of a Wayback MapService Metadata layer in 4.x app

03-31-2021 02:09 PM
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I am adding a couple Wayback (historical imagery) tiled map services and metadata layers to an 4.x app.  The Wayback app has some great popups that show the collection date, source, and resolution of a point clicked on the map.  For UI consistency (and other workflow) reasons, I'd rather not just add the Portal item to my app, which would include the popups.  I'd rather just add the WMTS and associated metadata layer, and wire up the click event and MapService query myself.  However taking for example one of the metadata MapServer endpoints (, I do not know how to determine which sublayer to query.  I'm unclear how to match up my current view with the correct resolution sublayer for the metadata.  Keep in mind I also have the associated WTMS added (my basemap has the metadata as the reference layer, and the WTMS layer as base layer.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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