how to get a specific JSON datatype from temporary layers

09-04-2019 04:48 AM
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and is it possible to access them through the "map. ..." function.

I have widgets/gp that create temporary layers and adds them to the webmap for viewing and analysys by other widgets.

The gp services can access the temporary layers just fine with the input option but for a widget Im making I want to be able to get the layer just like a service(in json).

I used the "myMap._layers.mylayer._json" but my widget requires a GPFeatureRecoredSetLayer or GpRecoredSet datatype .

Using the getLayer function I seem to get the data I want. For example, for GpRecoredSet fields and features(inside graphics.attributes)

i can sort of builed the JSON but is there an easier way to get it?

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