Distortion in 3D maps in macOS

02-24-2024 12:06 PM
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Hello, I created a 3d sceneview with arcgis js sdk. but I noticed that there is a problem with the image. There are visual distortions when I move the 3D map. I thought the problem was in my code. but i couldn't see a problem. then i looked at a sample 3d map published in the documentation. the same distortions are present there. i thought there might be a problem with my browser. i tried with safari and the result is the same. then I checked it on windows os and realized that it works fine. i am using macOS sonoma version 14.3.1. thinking that it might be a problem with webgl, i checked different projects made with webgl and there is no problem. how can i solve this?

note: there is no distortion when I stop moving the 3d map.


MacOS Sonoma

M2 Pro Chip

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Thank you for your question and providing screenshots! We would like to look into this but are unable to reproduce on our side. Can you provide us more details, such as:

  • The exact sample you are using.
  • Are you connected to an external monitor? If not, could you try and see if it makes a difference?
  • What version of Safari and other browsers are you using. Can you provide us more details on the graphics card?
  • Could you provide us the output of https://webglreport.com/?v=2