Survey Transects Field Tracking

05-25-2023 01:04 PM
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I am searching for plot markers using a metal detector.  I need to walk parallel lines in areas where the plots might be located and want to be sure that I don't wander over areas that I already walked or too far from previous lines.  What would be ideal is to be able to track my route and then give an auditory signal if I am getting too close or too far from a previous walked line. I have a Trimble DA2 receiver so location accuracy is pretty good.


Hmmm I haven't tried this, but what if you create a line feature with a geofence buffer distance that you need, and then walk while streaming that line layer. So each time you finish walking a line, you submit it, and start a new line so the geofence will notify you when you get too close to the previous line.



Yep,  I was thinking along similar lines. Setup a geofence bufferred from existing geatures or new features you collect as you go.


Something else that I used to do is make a fishnet over the survey area so I could make sure I was on the right line.

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Hi there,

Are you using location sharing at the moment? This would allow you to see where you have been by turning on your tracks layer.

Right now Geofences wouldn't be able to work as described unless the map is reloaded every time a new line is created. This is something we are looking at addressing in a future release.