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Help editing axes in Hub chart

Question asked by tom.rippetoe on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by KPhaneuf_SacCity

John Gravois and Tom Wayson - i would greatly appreciate some guidance when working on Cedar charts. I am trying to update the axes on a JSON chart in our Hub app. The chart is type Bar and draws as desired, except that there is no Y-axis label and the X-axis labels are draw at a -45 angle.  I want to add the Y-axis label and have the x-axis labels displayed at 90 degrees. 


I have followed the examples describe at this esri link in the JSON specification section and the examples at ember-cli-cedar, but i cant seem to change either the content of the Y-axis label or the rotation of the x-axis labels.


Based on the esri docs, i have added the content below to the 'bar' chart example at ember-cli-cedar:


"overrides": {
   "legend": {
      "enabled": true
   "backgroundColor": "#E6E6FA",
   "backgroundAlpha": 1,
   "categoryAxis": {
      "labelRotation": -90


the background color changes and the legend appears, but the axis label does not rotate.  I have tried the following code in both the ember-cli-cedar playground (nested in the 'overrides' and as a standalone element) and the amCharts CodePen.  It works in the CodePen but not in the cedar playground.  


"xAxes": [{
 "type": "CategoryAxis",
 "dataFields": {
 "category": "country"
"renderer": {
 "labels": {
 "rotation": -90,
 "verticalCenter": "middle",
 "horizontalCenter": "left"


I've tried similar things with setting the Y-axis label but have had the same general luck - doesn't work in Cedar; works in amCharts Code Pen.  Any thoughts on how to change the contents of the Y-Axis label and the rotation of the x-axis labels?


Thank you