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Programmatically creating polygon from points on both sides of the international date line?

Question asked by jay.gregory on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by rvburton

I'm trying to parse a text file of point coordinates to create polygons, but any polygon that has points on both sizes of the international date line wraps around the map (when displayed in ArcGIS Pro).  


Here is an example of the text:


21-00-00.0N 130-00-00.0E
21-00-00.0N 155-00-00.0E
27-00-00.0N 155-00-00.0E
27-00-00.0N 165-00-00.0E
43-00-00.0N 165-00-00.0E
45-42-00.0N 162-55-00.0E
50-08-00.0N 176-34-00.0W
51-24-00.0N 167-49-00.0W
53-30-00.0N 160-00-00.0W
56-00-00.0N 153-00-00.0W
56-45-42.0N 151-45-00.0W
53-22-03.0N 137-00-00.0W
52-43-00.0N 135-00-00.0W
51-00-00.0N 133-45-00.0W
48-20-00.0N 128-00-00.0W
48-10-00.0N 127-55-30.0W
45-00-00.0N 126-30-00.0W
40-59-00.0N 126-54-00.0W
40-50-00.0N 127-00-00.0W
37-30-23.0N 127-00-00.0W
36-27-43.0N 126-56-00.0W
35-30-00.0N 125-50-00.0W
36-00-00.0N 124-12-00.0W
34-30-00.0N 123-15-00.0W
30-45-00.0N 120-50-00.0W
30-00-00.0N 120-00-00.0W
03-30-00.0N 120-00-00.0W
03-30-00.0N 145-00-00.0W
05-00-00.0S 155-00-00.0W
05-00-00.0S 180-00-00.0W
03-30-00.0N 180-00-00.0W
03-30-00.0N 160-00-00.0E
00-00-00.0N 160-00-00.0E
00-00-00.0N 141-00-00.0E
03-30-00.0N 141-00-00.0E
03-30-00.0N 133-00-00.0E
07-00-00.0N 130-00-00.0E


I can easily create polygons that don't cross the dateline (or the equator), but am unclear how to structure polygons that do. 

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?