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Did related records in popups change in Portal 10.5.1?

Question asked by monzay on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by monzay

My organization just upgraded from Portal 10.4.1 two days ago and I'm seeing a difference in how related records are accessed in a web map vs a WAB app.


In the web map I see this in the popup where it is one click on the Show Related Records link to open the table.




In the WAB I get this:

Show related records in WAB 1


I have to click on the arrow first to get this:


show related records in WAB 2

Then I click on the 3 dots to show the attribute table.  I can see how this new popup provides other functionality but in a way it makes it more complicated and less efficient (2 clicks instead of 1). Is there way to make the WAB behave like the web map? I haven't found any documentation on this yet.