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"No permissions to sync replica" error

Question asked by mikedmanak on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by mikedmanak

We've run into a bit of an issue checking in field data from a mobile app.


We have an app installed on client infrastructure that requires the use of a token to connect to the host ArcGIS Server.  Their field crew checked out a number of databases using a token generated by an employee who then left for another job.  Since that token is no longer valid we switched to a new one created using the credentials of another employee.  When trying to check in data from one of the replicas created using the old token we get a strange error:


"No permissions to sync replica: {long replica ID string}"


This error message would appear to indicate that the replica is somehow tied to the token (and user account) that was used to generate it.  Is this correct?  Has anyone else seen this error? Any suggestions to work around this issue are appreciated, we have a significant amount of filed data waiting to check-in I'm not really looking forward to converting a stack of runtime databases to file geodatabase and manually adding the data.