Esri Water Conference Sneak Peek

01-22-2016 03:57 PM
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In this webinar, learn what’s planned for the Esri 2016 Water Conference. Hear about the sessions and activities that you won’t want to miss. Learn about the new Water Usability lab, which provides an opportunity to connect with developers and share your opinion about ArcGIS for Water Utilities. Also, get a preview of Workforce for ArcGIS. Learn more about the Esri Water Conference,

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I really want (need) to go, but my employer can't cover the cost this year.

Will there be videos of the presentations available after? Or perhaps links to each presenter to arrange presentations via a webinar or at the User Conference this summer?

We are a new enterprise customer in our first year of license, if our support status matters.

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Hi Joe, I'm sorry you will be unable to attend. Unfortunately, it will not be recorded. We will have the presentations posted a couple weeks after the events on the Esri Water Conference website​. We also will be having a Water Meeting on Sunday, June 26th before UC where there will be user presentations and a chance to network with other water professionals. Also, please join our meetup group where we have free monthly webinars: 

Thanks for your question.


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