Story Maps: A New Medium

07-02-2014 07:04 PM
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Allen Carroll shares how you can tell great stories with maps.  Leave a comment with a description and link to your story map and show us what you have created.

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"Story Maps: A New Medium"

A good thing is that the link of the presentation or the "story map" keeps valid as we move forward the details provided. I wonder how or if you can insert photos or videos or texts or outbound links in the presentation ... a group moderator would have this orientation? Thank you.

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I had a similar issue in August. If you read through the help on story maps for pictures to be added from anywhere(flickr etc)

there needs to be an actual account paid for AGOL.

I am not able to pay for the account and therefore did put pictures in as recommended in pixel sizes. Take a look and you'll see, it is a challenge if your file size approaches 3 megs it will stop working.

Good luck!


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I'm a big fan of Story maps ... I loved the name and the concept the moment esri came out with. one of the things that I would like to share with you about story map is the way we used it as a communication tool, and what I mean by communication tool, is a tool to reach out to customers and grap their attention with a simple, cool yet amazing staff about what GIS can be all about.

we have developed a story map for Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait to show all their existing projects and the next thing happened is the minister himself got engaged requesting some changes on it and using it in a press conference.

Such a small tool can get you to communicate easier with the business people and decision makers at your customer organization and could be an eye-opener of a possible utilization and implementation of GIS. 

MPW Projects Explorer Story Map

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