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09-11-2020 12:27 AM
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I have created a Web Mapping Application based on a WebScene. My WebScene has about 100 layers. If my user wants to look at a particular layer its not all that easy to find. I've grouped my layers but that only partially addresses my issue. I'm wondering if there is anyway to enable my users to easily search for and display a particular layer(s). Here is my web application: ArcGIS Web Application 

Kind regards, Damian

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Hi Damian,

Seems like what you might need to do is have a custom widget to add the function of filtering the layer list when the user types in a name. I have tried to create this sample web application for your reference. Please see the link

The code you can refer to in the CodePen is available at: 

Hope this helps.



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Hi Manish,

Thank you for your response, and very much appreciate going to the effort of writing that code. I'm sure it will be handy for others but unfortunately I don't have the skill set to implement your solution. Hoping someone can suggest an alternative or workaround.

Regards, Damian