Hello, my name is Seth Thompson

02-20-2020 11:24 AM
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  • Where do you work and what is your role? City of Florence - Florence Electricity (Florence AL.) - GIS Administrator
  • What GIS success have you had this year and what product did you use? Adding near real-time truck locations and power outages to AGOL via Python
  • What are your areas of expertise and interests (GIS-related or not)? utilities drones real estate
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Welcome to the community Seth. There are lots of great active places and members who share your areas of expertise and interest. Here are a few of those if you've not found them already.


ArcGIS Online

Electric and Gas

Drone2Map for ArcGIS

Good luck with your work and your interactions here in the community. If you need any help in using the community then you'll find lots of resources here GeoNet Resource Hub

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