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Hello, my name is Michelle

07-28-2020 06:10 AM
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I work as a Project Engineer with One Energy LLC, a small startup in Ohio that develops, designs, constructs, owns, and operates on-site wind projects for large commercial and industrial facilities. My background is in Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor's from the University of Michigan), and I have spent most of my 2.5 years at One Energy split between our project development and construction departments. I recently began working with GIS after being tapped to become our company's ArcGIS expert, and have spent the past several months building out tools for use across the company.

A recent success was using ArcGIS Pro to complete my first true deliverable - a pdf map showing the location of our projects compared to other wind farms in the state for a potential customer at the request of our CEO. A small project compared to the larger tools I have been building, but it was exciting to start thinking about all of the ways ArcGIS will streamline and improve processes for our company.

Professionally, my interests lie in renewable energy, specifically the application of distributed energy resources and microgrids in providing reliable energy to communities and reducing the impacts of fossil fuels and large scale power plants on vulnerable populations. Personally, I love exploring and playing in the outdoors, learning about the people and cultures who walked these lands before us, and sharing my passion for nature and the environment with friends, family, coworkers, and the broader community.

A favorite place feels impossible to choose, but one I've been missing lately is the area surrounding 45°22'25.01"N 121°41'45.42"W.

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HI Michelle, and Welcome to GeoNet! Our community is full of great information and great people. I hope you find something helpful and interesting here. 

Some areas that may be of interest to you:

AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)‌  and ArcGIS Pro‌. 



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Michelle Mathias
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