GIS in 16 years

05-15-2021 08:15 AM
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My name is Sherif Osama from Egypt and I have more than 16 years’ experience in Geomatics Fields, I graduated from faculty of engineering survey department 2004, joined Egyptian survey authority as GIS engineer in 2005, then joined ESRI distributer in Egypt as GIS instructor 2009, during three years I studied more than 50 different course from desktop, server, analysis, PLTS, EVNI, surveying and remote sensing. I earned different types of ESRI certified instructor certificates. I worked with different types of databases as oracle and SQL. I worked with different clients in different sectors as defense, agriculture, real state, Aeronautical solutions, public safety. I left ESRI distributer as team leader then transfer to Dar group in Saudi Arabia as Geospatial project engineer \coordinator in 2012. i started first two years supervising GIS team in ministry of interior then worked the for another three years in DAR head office as project coordinator for Riyadh city hydrological projects and Wadi Sulai project. during these three years I gained experience in different sectors as planning, construction, hydrology, traffic studies, environmental assessments. then in 2017 I transferred to ministry of interior in Qatar as GIS consultant in National Command center, during four years I supervise MOI technical departments and implement a long term strategic plan for MOI role in 2022 world cup. over 16 years , daily dealing with different ESRI products  and solutions. the journey not finished yet and anew challenge will begin.

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Fantastic GIS achievement