Removing white backgground on logo for use in ArcMap?

12-30-2014 07:14 AM
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After researching several BLOGs and asking my guru of a GIS boss. Has anyone successfully taken a logo with a white block

background and created a transparent background for ArcMap to display properly? I have ESRI, Photoshop and Illustrator at my disposal.

I've tried a .tiff, .jpg, and PNG24...without much luck. It looks transparent in the preview icon but when inserted becomes a block in ArcMap.

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Assuming you are using ArcGIS Dekstop (8.x to 10.x), one option, if it's vector-based or can be converted to vector-based art, is to create an emf version of the logo.

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How are you trying to use the Logo in the Arcmap?

just taking a guess, but if you are trying to insert a logo graphic into the layout you may want to try using a Markersymbol with a Picture Marker Symbol of your logo.

Make sure there is no "gradient transparency in your logo" as it may not print well.

For example.  Here is a a picture of what it looks like on Screen in ArcMap Layout view.


This is what it looks like printed out.


In the Top logo the "gradient transparency" was removed to get a cleaner print.

If we look closely at the logo on screen the glow effect is what I am talking about in regards to gradient transparency.



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Thank you Mark. This method worked out well with the character marker symbol.

Your response was extremely helpful. Two thumbs up.

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