Run two rules to create entry using Attribute Assistant

09-12-2018 06:15 PM
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This is a rookie question... I am using Attribute Assistant in ArcMap.

I want to populate the value for Police Beat in the street centerline layer. However, I need to add "Beat " to the value. For example, my PoliceBeats feature class has value "4-50" in the field Beat in the intersecting polygon for where I am adding a street. So I can put "4-50" into the appropriate field of the street centerline layer. But what I need is "Beat 4-50".

It appears that I need to combine the INTERSECTING_FEATURE layer and EXPRESSION in order to place "Beat 4-50" instead of "4-50" into the field. How do I do that?

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I have a similar question and I thought I might as well ask it here to see if we can get some momentum going.  I have a utility feature class and a parcel feature class.  What I'd like to be able to do is create an expression that essentially is "if a feature in the utility feature class intersects any feature in the parcel feature class then assign the value of "Private" to the Owner field for the utility feature."  This, it seems to me would require using both the intersecting feature and the expression methods.  The basic question is: can you use any other method in the Expression method?

Here's a possible work around that I don't like.  Use the Intersecting Feature method to calculate a value into the Owner field in the Utility feature.  Then run the Expression method so that if the Owner value is not Null then recalculate the value to "Private."  I'd have to set weights so these methods run in the right order.  It also seems to me that I could easily end up recalculating Owner values that are valid (such as "City") to "Private."


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Two years late but here's my solution:

-Have one entry with INTERSECTING_FEATURE with a Run Weight of 1 or 2 (or just higher than the one below)

-Second entry with EXPRESSION with a Run Weight of 0 (or lower # than above, which makes it run after) that references the same field that was populated in the INTERSECTING_FEATURE.  The expression would be:

"BEAT " & [YourCenterlineBeatfield]

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