Introducing: Community Mapping for Racial Equity and Social Justice ArcGIS tutorial collection

03-11-2024 01:51 PM
Esri Community Manager
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On behalf of the Learn Team, I'm excited to share the release of our newest tutorial collection: 

Community mapping for racial equity and social justice 



This resource is designed to equip young mappers with essential ArcGIS skills and focuses on mapping local communities through the lens of Racial Equity and Social Justice (RESJ) workflow.   

Whether you're a middle school or high school student, an educator, or a member of a community-based organization, learning GIS skills can enhance your career opportunities, educational engagement, and help you meet your advocacy goals.   

Many of the new workflows were developed from my experiences (Niki's) as a community-based organizer in South LA to engage local residents and youth around issues of environmental justice. ArcGIS has so many great tools to make community engagement, education, and policy advocacy compelling, engaging, and effective to restore and transform neighborhoods that have been historically underserved. 

In this collection, you have the flexibility to complete the curriculum sequentially or choose specific workflows that interest you. The materials are designed to be accessible and can be adapted to suit your goals, learning style, and software access. Each tutorial is self-contained, so you can start with any tutorial without having to complete previous ones. By working through all four sections of the collection in order, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of using GIS and mapping skills for an environmental justice project. Each section can be completed in one week if you dedicate an hour a day to it.   

The ⁠Community Mapping tutorial collection is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning GIS skills to understand, plan, and advocate for positive change in their local community.   

Please share this resource with your communities, customers, and educators who want to equip youth mappers with equity-based GIS workflows and STEM skills.