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Upgrading spatial resolutions

04-26-2015 06:31 PM
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Hi all,

Is it possible to upgrade a high resolution dataset (created in ArcGIS 10.2) to an even higher resolution precision?

How might this be possible?  How do you specify the resolution of a feature class if you are importing an XML schema?

The 'upgrade spatial reference' geoprocess tool only allows for low resolution datasets to be upgraded to high.

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Upgrade spatial resolution doesn't give any suggestion other than upgrading to newer versions of arcmap

Upgrade dataset has similiar suggestions.

I assume you aren't trying to upgrade improve to a higher level than possible 

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So just to clarify what I mean,

If I have an XML schema, and when I import it into a geodatabase it creates a feature class with the following resolutions:

XY Resolution of 0.000000001 Degree (9 decimal places)

XY Tolerance of 0.000000008 Degree (9 decimal places)

But my desired resolution is:

XY Resolution of 0.000000000005 Degree (12 decimal places)

XY Tolerance of 0.00000000001 Degree (11 decimal places)

How can I specify the spatial resolution and tolerance of my imported feature class?

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I don't use them, however, it depends upon your desired result with the cavaet from the first link

Coordinate values will not be affected by the upgrade.

So I suppose it is only important depending upon what you wish to accomplish

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I guess the question is... is it necessary to upgrade to an even higher precision?  If the coordinates don't move, even if upgrading to a higher resolution, then there should be nothing to worry about right?

The sole reason I am asking is because I have a good quality, trusted dataset which has my desired spatial resolution which I am trying to match - for the sake of consistency!

I am unsure how to change the spatial resolution within an existing feature class or XML file so I can match my desired values.

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I'm curious how the higher resolution dataset was created, if the resolution is set by the version of ArcMap that was used to create it.

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Sephe and Justin,

You can over-ride the default xy/z/m resolution, tolerance, and domain values, BUT you have to choose unknown coordinate system, then show default values. If you do that, you can set them to whatever you want.


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Not sure, hope this is helpful

ArcGIS Help 10.1

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No, this is not possible.

To understand why, you'd need to read the entire Understanding Coordinate Management whitepaper, then study the implementation of BASIC, HIGH, and HYBRID coordinate references.  The short answer is that there is exactly one additional slot for SRID metadata.

I've never seen a compelling reason for more than seven decimal places in WGS 1984 degrees; twelve would assert data that is accurate to 0.556 micrometers (which is the wavelength of green light).  Are you mapping photons in GCS_WGS_1984?

- V