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Replication - Geodata Service - Change Target Name

09-30-2015 01:17 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm setting up replication from an on-premise SDE database to AWS EC2 hosted SDE database.  I would like to rename the destination feature class during the creation of the replica. If I connect directly to the destination geodatabase then the Target Name I set in the Advanced Options is honored but if I use a GeoData Service as the destination database then the destination feature class Target Name is not honored and it is the same as the source feature class.

I have tried this with creating data replication as well as creating the destination feature class with the required new name and using the Register Existing Data Only option. In this case using the GeoData service no feature class names are presented in the drop down of the Target Name on the Advanced Options screen.

The GoeData service is created with a user that is the dbo on the destination database so should have full rights on that database.

Is this expected behavior when using a GeoData Service when creating a replica?



Message was edited by: David Andrews Appears this is already a bug reported with using a GeoData Service in replication Thanks to Rahul at Esri Canada Technical Support for providing this info....

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