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Persistent database connections since upgrade to 10.2.2

08-28-2015 01:26 PM
Occasional Contributor

We recently went through a project to upgrade all our Oracle SDE geodatabase to ArcSDE 10.2.2. Since the upgrade we have found that database connections seem to be persisting long after the user has disconnected from ArcMap, Workflow Manager, or ArcCatalog. For example today I spoke with a user that had disconnected from both WMX and ArcMap at around 12:40. When I checked at 4:00 there was multiple connections from her PC. I connected to the database as sde and removed her connection.

In the past we found that running the "sdemon -o info -I users" command would disconnect users that were showing up as connected but that were not really connected to the database. With the upgrade, we find that the command line tool no longer has this power.

We have spoken to Esri Canada technical support. They mentioned that another client had run into something similar with their 10.2.2 upgrade. In their case the issue was with triggers. When they disabled the triggers the connections seemed to exit cleanly. It is not possible for us to disable our triggers.

I am hoping that there might be someone out there who has some suggestions as to why a trigger would not disconnect users or connections cleanly. Is there some sort of setting or parameter that would affect this? Or could it be the way the triggers were written? These triggers have been around for a number of years. We have never had any issues with them in the past.

If not the triggers, does anyone have any other ideas why we have persistent connections?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,


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