Is there a tool to delete multiversioned view on ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 or ?

10-15-2014 06:42 PM
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Is there a tool to delete multiversioned view on ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have tried to delete multiversion view which created by 'Enable SQL Access' menu on ArcCatalog.

Until now, I could not find ways to delete it on Desktop. Do I have to delete using sde command of sdetable.

Thank you for your advice.

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So far, within ESRI catalog, it looks to me that there is no other better way to delete multiple spatial views, except for sde commands of sdetable.

please read at Spatial Views in 10.1/10.2 | Geodatabase Geek

also refer to The Spatial View is dead, long live Query Layers | Geodatabase Geek

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Yes command line tools will have to be used:

sdetable -o delete_mv_view

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I am also not aware of a way to delete a versioned view without the commandline tools. I would recommend contacting support to voice this need with a reason that it is necessary to within certain workflows delete versioned views. You can also look on the Ideas portal or post an idea of your own.

33300 - Can a multiversioned view be deleted without leaving an entry in the table registry?

Ideas Portal - Sign in to first and then go to the link below:

Geodatabase Multiversion View creationg control, naming, and Visibility in future releases

Here is an enhancement that is a placeholder for specific parameters within the sdetable command that don't have UI solutions/replacements for.

NIM096539 - SDETABLE: Create geoprocessing tools or arcpy functions for operations performed when using the 'sdetable' command.

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This topic gets even more convoluted with the recent ArcGIS 10.2.2 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Geodatabase and Feature Service Sync Optimization Patch, which addresses the following bug/enhancement:

  • NIM100697 - Change the "_VW" suffix to "_EVW" when versioned views are created, in order to be consistent the EVW naming convention when we create MV views.

EVW?  Esri View?  Ecclesiastical Volkswagen?  Anyhow, assuming applying the patch doesn't automagically go back and rename all the existing views in an enterprise geodatabase, now we have a system-defined standard that isn't configurable and yet varies depending on when the data was versioned.  Great.

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