Failed to paste....The domain was not found

11-28-2016 09:27 AM
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Hello I am trying to make a backup copy of my File Geodatabase (Version 10.3, Windows 7). I have done this several times in the past but this time it is not allowing me to make the back as I get the following message:

"Failed to paste database XYZ The domain was not found"

I saw a post about this about 2 years ago but it seemed to never be resolved, does anyone know the cause of this error and/or a solution?

*I posted an attachment of the error I am receiving.


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When you copy & paste it should copy any domains too. You should see all the elements that will be copied before the operation.

Are you copy to a clean FGDB - if not it might have some other domain with the same name.

Does this domain have any problems (try to export it to table).

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Please do check the sdedc_SQLServer or sdedc_Oracle log file (in the following location on the ArcGIS client machine: C:\Users\User_Profile\AppData\Local\Temp ) and confirm if any FeatureClass name/Domain name is mentioned in the file, on the date_time when the error was encountered on the ArcGIS client machine and confirm if that domain does exist or not in the geodatabase .

Also you could  try and run the script in the following web-link to check the domain usage:

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