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01-13-2021 03:35 AM
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Hi there,


I'm looking for data representing the geographical borders of the cities in North-Africa and Europe. If the data-set is larger than that it's good too. Does anybody know where to find this?


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There are a few places you might look.

  1. Your MyEsri page may list ESRI Boundaries among the available downloads, if you have access to it.
    • Mind the terms of use!
  2. Natural Earth
    • May or may not be what you need depending on your project and the intended scale
    • "Urban areas" aren't the same as the legally defined limit of a city, and is based more on population than civic incorporation
  3. OpenStreetMap
    • You can query out features based on the `admin_level` tag.
    • Admin level can vary depending on country
    • Try Overpass Turbo: You can export the results in a format that ESRI tools can work with
    • Really, really depends on the quality of the data, and might vary widely from region to region
- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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