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ArcSDE service don't start

05-11-2016 03:38 AM
New Contributor


I'm instal arcSDE 10 but don't start service.

- I have server with windows 2008 r2 (64 bit)

- Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release  (64 bit)

- Cliente oracle (32 bit) 10.2

- ArcSDE 10

Where try connect  in ArcCatalog "Add Database Connection" and select oracle and error "ora-12154: TNS: could not resolve  the connect..."

I have tried several times to achieve connect, create the SDE user, but I can not create a geodatabase.
What would be the steps to follow


please help!!!

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Esri Regular Contributor

Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release  (64 bit) is not supported to create ArcSDE geodatabase.

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Thanks !!!

I'll install other database oracle compatible with ArcSDE.

But I'd like the steps for install ArcSDE 10 and recommendations, please..

Thanks all

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Esri Regular Contributor

1. create the oracle instance

2. install the arcsde 10 on the database server and all the necessary service packs

3. run post installation for arcsde using oracle credentials.

4. when post installation finish on the Desktop machine install Oracle Client 32 bit, same version to your DB

5. Create the Net Service on your Oracle  Client

6. Create a Spatial Connection / Direct Connection from ArcCatalog.