ArcGIS for Leak Survey

03-13-2021 02:55 PM
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ArcGIS for Leak Survey

ArcGIS for Leak Survey – Sample Schema and Attribute Rules

This zip file contains a sample geodatabase schema for organizing Leak Survey records and arcade script-based attribute rules to automate the management of the leak survey information. Deployment instructions are included with the zip file.

If you have questions or comments, please post them to this geonet community, so everyone can see and share the information.

Thank you

Tom DeWitte

Esri Technical Lead – Natural Gas industry 

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Hi Tom - can you point me to the deployment instructions that are included with the zip file.  I seem to be having trouble locating them.  Thanks!


Thanks for pointing out the absense of the deployment instructions.  I have updated the zip file with a deployment instruction document.

Tom DeWitte

Esri Technical Lead - Natural Gas Industry


Hi Tom, do you know why copying/importing the Leak Survey Area feature class from the sample file geodatabase into an enterprise geodatabase would cause Publish to fail (ERROR 001487: Failed to update the published service with the server-side data location)? I was hoping that would be an easier way to deploy the new feature class and its associated data, attributes rules, domains, and subtype, but it didn't work. The manual process that recreates everything from scratch works ok. 


Update: Actually the reason the manual process work is because  I haven't applied all of the attribute rules.  In the LeakSurveyArea_SurveyedBy rule, the Arcade function GetUser is only available on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 and I was on 10.8.1.


The File Geodatabase provided with the zip file has the Pro 2.7/Enterprise 10.9 version of the attribute rule.  This rule as you have noted will not work in Enterprise 10.8.1.  Also included with the download zip file is a folder named "AttributeRule_Scripts".  This folder contains the 10.8.1 version of the attribute rules which have been successfully tested against an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 environment. The instruction to install these 17 attribute rules is provided in the MS Word document titled: "Leak Survey Attribute Rules for ArcGIS Enterprise 1081.docx" also included in the zip file.

Please try applying the 10.8.1 specific attribute rules.  They should resolve your issue.

Tom DeWitte

Esri Technical Lead - Natural Gas Industry


@TomDeWitte I watched the Leak Survey video on and then found this download.  These two doesn't seem to line up correctly.  The video shows you marking points of found locations of leaks and the above download only has the survey area along with the attribute rules for just that.  I did look in the UN and I found several layers similar to the video but none of the attribute rules are present.

Where is the complete package with the survey area, point layer for leaks, and potential repairs along with all the associated attribute rules that make them work all together?

Hi Lindsey,

You are correct that the Leak Survey sample schema and attribute rules posted in 2021 is just for managing the Leak Survey data itself.  For examples of schema for managing reported leaks (ie. Leak Reports) the UPDM data models include a featureclass named: P_GasLeak. For an example of a schema for storing issues identified while performing the leak survey, take a look at the P_IdentifiedIssue featureclass within UPDM.

If you want to discuss in greater detail how to use GIS to manage your leak survey program, please give me a call or email me directly.  Here is my contact info.

Tom DeWitte

Phone: 909 369-8348

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