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11-30-2022 09:14 AM
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in the question below, I wonder why my answer is wrong! 

Screenshot (76).png

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Hi @HalaAbdelmaksoud, apologies for the delay.  The way that the current question is worded makes it seem like the cell both contains Markdown language AND is set as a Markdown cell. However, the error indicates that the notebook is interpreting the cell content in the Python language rather than the Markdown language, which would mean that the cell type is incorrectly assigned.

The answer you chose is incorrect because when the Header cell type is selected in ArcGIS Pro, the cell is automatically converted to a Markdown cell type. This is because the Header cell type is no longer supported in Jupyter notebook environments.

The correct answer is the first option because the cell content is written in the Markdown language, the Markdown cell type must be assigned so that this language is interpreted correctly. Because the cell is not being interpreted correctly, this suggests that the cell is currently assigned the Code cell type.

This Help document contains really good information about each cell type:

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