Are you ready for the HTTPS-Only enforcement with the ArcGIS Platform?

08-24-2020 03:32 PM
Esri Contributor
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HTTPS, short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol for Secure communication, allows for the secure transmission of data, both incoming and outgoing, between a client, such as a web browser, and the server. Esri is making the HTTPS-Only change in a phased approach. Esri customers must act now to be ready for this change.

  • Currently, ArcGIS Online supports configuring HTTP or HTTPS. With the update planned for December 8, 2020, the “HTTPS Only” default will be enforced, and customers will no longer have the option of turning it off. However, for ArcGIS Enterprise the customer has full control of the HTTPS/HSTS enforcement for their configuration.
  • ArcGIS Hub is being updated to enforce the use of the HTTPS-Only standard on all sites and pages, starting September 8th, 2020.
  • Esri is planning to enforce HTTPS Only in the World Geocoding Service on September 29, 2020. This important security update is likely to affect some ArcGIS software and custom solutions.

Additional details regarding the ArcGIS HTTPS enforcement is here

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