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Numbering Multiple Maps

09-14-2017 11:52 PM
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Hey guys,

I have multiple maps (over 50 mxds). They have text in the title box such as 1 of 52, 2 of 52 etc etc.

I have added naother map, so 53 maps. I dont want to manuall yhave to edit this text in each individaul map. Is there an automatic way to do so. Probably a python solution???




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are you looking for the section on dynamic text in layouts and data driven pages?

That area in the help files includes the arcpy access point to the mapping module 

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Hi Greg,

Same as Dan - I think the typical similar workflow most people are looking for would be to have 50+ pages of print outs such as PDFs, with the same underlying features just for different locations - such as 50 different buildings or areas you want to quickly produce common outputs for. Instead of creating individual MXDs you would use a layer which contained the 50 items (point lines or polygons) that you want to create in individual print for and then use those items with Data driven pages in ArcMap. If you use ArcGIS Pro you can create a Map Series with dynamic text to populate the page numbers automatically do achieve similar. 

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