Everything but the kitchen sink: supporting large mobile maps offline

01-11-2018 04:41 PM

Everything but the kitchen sink: supporting large mobile maps offline

Author/Presenter name(s): Aaron Crary (Duke Energy), Boyd Fulmer (Duke Energy), and Samuel Esswein (Patrick Engineering)

Organization name: Duke Energy and Patrick Engineering

Presenter biography:

Aaron Crary is a solutions lead for Esri technology at Duke Energy. Boyd Fulmer is an information technology architect with Duke Energy. Samuel Esswein is a software developer with the Geospatial Services Team at Patrick Engineering.


Supporting enterprise mapping applications on mobile devices without a reliable Internet connection is a challenge. The ArcGIS Platform makes this much easier, but has limitations when map data sizes grow large, the data changes frequently, or there are lots of users trying to synchronize simultaneously. To meet the disconnected field mobile mapping needs of an electric and gas utility, we adopt an approach that builds on Esri functionality with a custom extension that addresses the aforementioned limitations. The initial map content is staged using Esri’s documented pre-planned workflow. We extend Esri functionality by also staging the datasets that contain map data changes for download-only updates. A Server Object Interceptor (SOI) was developed that alters the standard behavior of ArcGIS Server replication to support this new functionality. Our SOI maintains REST API compatibility with the standard Feature Server Sync capability. This allows us to continue utilizing clients, like the ArcGIS Runtime SDK, that support Feature Service synchronization. This presentation will describe the server-side technologies we employed to support a deployment with thousands of users, maps with 100+ feature classes, and geographic coverage including multiple states.

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