Problems with import of AIXM 5.1 data using Data Interoperability tool

10-21-2014 03:45 AM
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I am trying to use Data Interoperability tool to quick import AIXM 5.1 data from AIXM Message of .xml format to gdb. However, even if other AIXM viewers do not have big problems with this message, Data Interoperability tool is able to present only AirportHeliport, Navaid, DesignatedPoint, RouteSegment and RunwayCentrelinePoint types of features. All other feature types are presented as tables, which means the tool cannot convert them correctly to be able to visualize their geometries. So what can be a problem with the  tool or with the content of the AIXM message? Are all the AIXM feature types supported by the Data Interoperability tool? If not, what is the list of those, which are supported.

P.S. the content of AIXM message is appropriate with the XSD schema, AIXM messages should possess.


Any help is highly appreciated.


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