Open MXD in 10.2/3 is very slow when it shows 10.0 ArcSDE layers

02-09-2015 10:52 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi all

We have very strange problem.

We have ArcSDE 10.0 (Oracle11g on Linux) with a few large layers (around 1M points each).

We can open Desktop 10.3 and view them with no problem.

When we save it in MXD and try to reopen it – it takes ArcMap over 20 minutes to open.

During this time there is almost no communication or SQL send to the database but the CPU goes to 100% for one core.

When the layer in the MXD is 3000 features its open very quick.

If we do it in desktop 10.0 the MXD opens immediately.

If we try 10.2 – it takes about 3-4 minutes.

All the other operation other than open the MXD works fine in 10.3 when accessing ArcSDE 10.0 layers.

Any idea?



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