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01-30-2014 08:16 AM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: ekociuk

Hello everybody,

I am working on a project analyzing forest fire polygons. I have 51 years worth of forest fires that have happened throughout Canada. If a fire spans into multiple provinces, there is a possibility that the fire gets logged multiple times (ex fire spans from alberta to Saskatchewan, the fire gets logged twice and each person that logs it makes a polygon representing the fire). My task is to search for these fires that have been logged twice and remove the duplicates. The problem I am having is this:
All tools I have found search for exact matching geometry. Since two different people are logging they're version of the fire, the area and perimeter values are slightly different and therefore will not be picked up by the tools since they are not exact matches.

I have created a geodatabase topology which a rule stating there must not be any overlaps. It has worked fine, but it is very tedious searching through approximately 33,000 polygons. I feel like theres a better way.

Does anybody have a solution to my problem?
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There is the delete identical or find identical tools in Data Management Tools.tbx\General\
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