Gemeotric Network Flow Direction and Replication Question

02-20-2014 10:00 AM
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Are the flow directions of edges in a geometric network supposed to come over when sync'd through a replica?  The flow direction I set in the parent geodatabase did not appear in the child geodatabase after my one-way replica was sync'd.  The feature comes over and it looks like the network connectivity is intact, so its just the network flow that's not updating.  In the parent system if I create a feature and then set the network flow 'with digitized direction' and then do a sync, the replicated feature has indeterminate flow.  Wasn't sure if this was a bug or by design.

Here's my setup:

  • Desktop 10.2 (Not 10.2.1)

  • SDE 10.2 on Oracle 11gR2 database

  • Replicating to 10.2 file geodatabase

  • Geometric network consists of one point and one line feature class.

  • Line feature class is a complex edge

  • One-way replica- Parent to child

  • Replica Access Type set to Full

  • Tried replication with and without archiving and get same result.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

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I have this problem also.
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FYI, I'm still in the process of implementing this process, but here's my plan right now

1.  Use FME server to update the feature classes on the second sde at night. (it is less finicky than replication and doesn't require the datasets to be versioned.  You can tell it to compare an ID and whatever other fields you want to identify inserts/updates/deletes and make the appropriate edits.)

2.  After the feature classes are updated the tables that drive the geometric network on the target system will be invalid since FME doesn't manage those.  To fix this, I am writing an ArcPy python script that will run afterwards.  It will temporarily version the target dataset, , run the repair geometric network tool, run the set flow tool, and then unversion (check option to compress edits in DEFAULT to base).
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