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Add Domains to Existing Enterprise Geodatabases

04-24-2017 12:26 PM
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Hi All,

We have been working with an enterprise geodatabase point feature class stored in a SQL Server database for around six months. Since our Web Apps have reached the executive management level, they would like to have 50% of the fields converted to domains with strict drop-down choices, no typing. Can this be done from the existing data or should I just create it from scratch, then load the data into the new empty geodatabase with the desired schema? We currently have around 3,000 records populated with around 30 fields. ArcGIS Pro looks promising, but I have not had a chance to dive into it just yet.



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You can work with existing Geodatabase and data.

Create the required domains > Make sure the Feature class is not being used anywhere (in other words, it is not locked) > Assign the Domains to the desired fields in the Feature Class properties..

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You can use Table to Domain to create domains from existing data... 

It would be better to build a model or a python script to automate the process if there are a lot of feature classes

Solomon Pulapkura