ArcSDE Check Schema

05-05-2011 04:32 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Prior ArcSDE 9.3 was a Tool called Check Schema to see, if there’s any inconsistency in ArcSDE. Now we have nothing to see if the ArcSDE Repository contains the necessary Records corresponding to the Objects stored in the User-Schemas and so on. For an Enterprise Geodatabase as ArcSDE a Tool like Check Schema is a must!


This tool is urgently needed the ArcSDE 10 repository tables on orphaned or corrupted records. Please implement such a tool in the product functionality!

There is another request on this functionality (Validation-tool for ArcSDE-Repository) can these two be merged?

Thanks, Martina from Esri Netherlands

I agree with Martina completely. We need such a tool for support purposes urgently. Scattered SQL statements in the Desktop Help orv KB articles are not so helpfull.
Thanks, Angela from ESRI Germany