Is there a "GeoDash" option in esri's community website?

01-19-2024 02:46 PM
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Is there a "GeoWork" option in esri's community website?

Big picture is something like this:

The opposite of a GIS jobs group/site/etc. or a business partner listing.

A more interactive place in our esri community where anyone can post a need for some GIS work for hire and a qualified esri user/customer can arrange with them to pick-up that work?


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Why was this topic moved from the GIS Life area into the Community Resources > Community Feedback area?

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Perhaps the title can be adjusted a little bit.

For Example:
What do you think about our esri community website including a "GeoDash" option?

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Hi @BillFox,


Thanks for the feedback! Your post was moved from the GIS Life Questions board to the Community feedback board since this is feedback related to the Esri Community platform.

Although this is an interesting idea, we'd like to emphasize that Esri Community is not a place where we'd provide job arrangements as this falls outside the scope of our platform's core objectives. We suggest utilizing the GIS Jobs board instead, where users can post job listings and continue any further engagement outside of Esri Community.

Brianna Ettley
Community Manager, Engagement & Content