How can I generate a report (containing info about a feature) from a "pop up" link in ArcGis online?

10-27-2017 12:56 PM
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  • I published a feature service to my organization in ArcGis Online
  • I do not have Enterprise, just the normal ArcGis Online account
  • I would like to click a parcel, and in the "pop up" screen, click a link to generate a nice looking report containing some of the details in the fields inside the feature to hand a client vs hand pecking out a miniature due diligence report.  Almost like a cleaned up looking pop up table...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!  Have an AWESOME friday

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LocalMaps  See the popup in this map. It might give some ideas but it doesnt show how it was done.

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Hello Nick,


Business Analyst recent enhancement should address your concern.


Please follow the below steps

  1.  Log into the application.
  2. Under Maps->Web Maps and Data, either search for your published feature service or you can browse for a parcel feature service from the many available.

  1. Once the feature service is on the map, click on reports.
  2. Reports->Build Reports->Build Infographics-> blank template
  3. Click on Add new floating panel->Table->Table with New Variables
  4. Click on “Web Map Data”. Web Map data will show the Variables within your feature service
  1. Select the Variable(s) and click “Add Table”. Save the template with a unique name

  1. Go back to the map and click on any parcel.
  2. From the contextual menu click on “Infographics” and run your saved infographics.

This feature not only supports numeric attributes but also text attributes. You could export this infographic to PDF or Image.


We always like to hear from our users, so please try the new enhancement and let us know what you think!  


Business Analyst Team