Import AIXM 4.5 to AIS creates a null geometry

06-14-2017 05:29 AM
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Did anyone use the Import AIXM 4.5 (coming with 10.5 Aviation AIXM Python Tools) to import an AIXM 4.5 slot into AIS enterprise database created with the Create Aviation Geodatabase Tool? It seems that the  Import AIXM 4.5 tool creates a null geometry for some airspace areas (ADHPSurfaceArea).  


In order to reconstruct some of these areas, I've tried to use the tool available in C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\AviationCharting\Desktop10.5\Utilities. Still, the script needs to be updated since it has some wrongly defined parameters in the arcpy.Buffer_analysis. And then, except runways, there are some other areas in this Feature Class, like: APRON, FATO, Stopway, Taxiway and some others. 


Dose anyone know which are the right steps/tools in rebuilding these polygon geometries? Or if some other challenges are associated with the import to AIS?



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