Coming back to ArcReader. We have no other dedicated map viewer.

12-08-2020 01:15 PM
Regular Contributor

For the last 10 years everything has been server and now AGOL and doing everything in the browser.  This made a lot of sense and they had it pretty much perfected a few years ago.  Now we have more and more security and I am no longer able to link from my browser to certain file types or to my network through a browser without also allowing users to do that with any website.  So now we are at the mercy of Windows and Google and their security for how our map viewers work.  I was hoping to never need ArcReader again after we upgraded to windows 10 but its become more and more apparent that we need a lightweight standalone viewer that is not browser based and specific to GIS.  So I am back to making datasets for ArcReader until the next big thing comes out.  

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