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Visualizing and Analyzing Smaller Contours on ArcMap

01-20-2021 08:02 AM
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I have been generating kriging layers which contain small regions of detail that are not appearing at certain levels of zoom. Areas which appear as a flat signal actually have a small pocket of increased material in a certain location, but this detail will only appear with the "Refine on Zoom" visualization option turned on (i.e. invisible at 1:80,000, visible at 1:60,000). Questions:

Q1. Is it possible to adjust ArcMap so that it will draw these finer detail from a further out viewing window? I don't mind if the details are small.

Q2. After kriging, I convert the layer to a contour file for downstream analyses (i.e. intersection). However, when I do "GA Layer to Contour", the smaller detail I refer to above is ignored (not present in the generated shape file), even if I perform this conversion while I have zoomed in on the layer file so that the small details are visible. Is there an option that will allow for these finer details to appear in this conversion?

Thank you.

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