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Editing Custom Landbase Service

06-09-2021 10:50 AM
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I have a custom made Landbase map service (consists of parcels, rail roads, easements etc.). I need to edit the easement layer. The landbase service was created in ArcMap 10.2 - then File - Share as Service. The landbase map service can be seen in ArcGIS Server Manager. 

From what I researched the landbase could be edited in ArcMap by right click on group Base map - Edit - Create local copy but that's greyed out:



Then I read about another way of dragging the layer out of the Landbase map service, make edits and then drag it back in. I didn't find any documentation on how to drag a layer in and out. 

The Easement layer resides in .sde but it's not editable. I am guessing it's because the layer is a part of the landbase (or basemap). 

The layer is not hosted in ArcGIS Online/Portal. The predecessor who set this up did edits diffently but not longer with the Company to explain how he did that which makes it frustrating. 

Anyway, if anyone know how to edit the layer which is a part of landbase map service please let me know.


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For editing a service, the map document must have been published with Feature Access capability enabled. What is a Feature Service?

What version of ArcGIS Server and ArcMap are you currently using?

In the REST Directory, do you see the Feature Services for the same name (Landbase) or for Easement Service?


Making a local copy of a feature service for editing 

To make a local copy of a feature service, it must be published with Create, Delete, and Update capabilities enabled.

Also ensure you add the feature service to ArcMap from a User connection, and not from an administrator connection.



I maybe able to provide more info., if the current working version of ArcGIS Server and ArcMap is known. It would also help if you could provide relevant screenshots from ArcGIS Server and ArcMap (Workflows, Services, Editor Capabilities, etc.)

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