Why are the related table options in my webmap popup different than in my webapp?

05-15-2019 05:16 PM
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I'm running into some strange behavior from AGOL's webmap and webapp popups. I'm trying to access some related data on the orange features in the screenshot below. In the webmap, I get an option at the bottom of my popup for "show related records":

When clicked, the attribute table opens containing all of the related data for that feature.

When I try to do the same in a webapp, however, I get the following:

When I click the arrow to show the related records, instead of displaying the attribute table, I get a list of all of the related records in the popup, which then are opened individually in their own attribute tables containing a single record.:

Has anyone seen this behavior before? I'd like my popup definitions from my webmap to be replicated in the app.


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Yes, I see this and it is very frustrating.  Did you ever find a solution?



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