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03-18-2015 08:51 AM
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I was wondering why the Bookmark Widget isn't able to be open when the Application opens?  Also, why can't one alphabetize the bookmarks?  Seems like these should be standard features....?

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   See the docs for info on opening a widget at startup:

Open a widget at app start—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for Developers

Bookmarks are ordered in the order that they are added there is just nothing currently in the bookmark widget to sort alphabetically.  You may be intrested in this thread where I extended the bookmark widget to allow filtering by text you type.

How would I add search functionality to bookmark web app builder widget?

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You can always manually reorder them in the ​config file for the widget.  Robert or someone can point you to the specific file (I'm away from my office computer).  I dI'd this in my apps, not alpha, but in the order I wanted and made sense for our users.  I created in order the best I could, then tweaked order as needed.  I have about 78 book marks. 

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I know this is probably not easy and requires some in depth customization of the bookmark widget, but is there any way so as to make the widget recall the user's spatial location along with which layers the user turned off/on?  It obviously requires the app to know who's logged in and store the parameters with the user, etc., but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone out there has done such things.

Any suggestions are welcome.



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   That is part of the next WAB release 1.3. The AGOL WAB version alreay has this and the Developer version will have this when it is released @ Dec 14 week.